Active- Passive Voice

                                    Active and Passive Voice

Active Voice: Doer of action is the subject.The structure of sentence in active voice will be:Sub(doer)+ Verb+ Object (the work).

Passive Voice: Work is the subject and doer receives the action. Passive voice is used- to signify work more than the doer.


Present Indefinite:passive_present
Rule:- Subject+ is/are/am +V3
Example:- Shyam gives his assignment.
                 Assignment is given by Shyam.





Present Continuous:
Rule: Subject+ is/are/am+ being+V3
Example: Shayam is giving his assignment.
                Assignment is being given by Shyam.


Present Perfect:


Rule: Subject+has/have+been+V3
Example: Shyam has given his assignment.
Assignment has been given by Shyam.


passive_pastPast Indefinite:
Rule: Subject+was/were+V3
Example: Shyam gave his assignment.
Assignment was given by Shyam.




Past continuous:slide_6

Rule: Subject+was/were+ being+V3
Example: Shyam was giving his assignment.
Assignment was being given by shyam.

slide_7Past perfect:

Rule: Subject+had+been+V3
Example: Shyam had given his assignment.
Assignment had been given by Shyam.

img7Future Indefinite:
Rule: Subject+shall/will+be+V3
Example: Shyam will give his assignment.
Assignment will be given by shyam.

slide_10Future perfect
Rule: Subject+shall/will+have+been+V3
Example: Shyam will have given his assignment.
Assignment will have been given by Shyam.


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