Split Infinitive

Infinitives are verbs independent of tenses, number and person. These are the to be forms of the verb.


We often place an adverb before or after these infinitives and split the infinitives.

Split infinitive is a grammatical construction in English language, where a word or phrase, usually an adverb or an adverbial phrase is inserted in between to and verb, in its infinitive form.

However the construction is still a subject of disagreement among English speakers as to whether abstaining from split infinitives is grammatically correct or not. This construction can make a piece of writing ambiguous, so it should be avoided as much as possible.

This video is full of split infinitives……………………………………………….

Look at this sentence: –

I decided to quietly go away from the party.

To quietly go away is a split infinitive where adverb (quietly) breaks/splits the infinitive (to go).

This sentence could be written in following ways to avoid split infinitive:
I decided to go away quietly from the party.
I decided to go away from the party quietly.


The heading of the article needs correction in split infinitive.

It should be:–

Coffee Addiction: How to kick the habit naturally.

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